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Do you think the opposition parties should have agreed on the ruling party’s offer on election code amendment?

Wednesday, June 29
“They should not have agreed, because it means giving in to the authorities’ will. We do not have an opposition – this is our main problem in Georgia – we have a group of people who are ready to betray people as soon as they smell money.”
Nina, pensioner, 67

“I don’t think they had much choice. At least they have money now to run their election campaign. Both the opposition and the government are playing their own game and eventually could not care less about the people.”
Nata, doctor, 34

“After the decision of Christian-Democrats and New Rights it has become obvious that nothing can make our election environment better. We will have the same old type of elections again and the same old government. I think other political parties, which did not agree to the Government’s tempting offers, have made the right choice.”
Vakhtang, lawyer, 50

“Do we have an opposition at all? Everything related with our opposition parties irritates me. If we had an opposition in the country, the authorities would have been unable to adopt those anti society decisions, they have made recently.”
Nanuli, Housewife, 54

“As far as I know, only some opposition parties agreed to those suggestions and most of them are against it. It means that it can not be considered as an agreement and think that those opposition parties must not play the authorities ‘game.”
Zviad, Architect, 36

“I think that the authorities have again cheated the opposition and Georgian society. Two or three parties have got those initiatives only for some private, financial interest to my mind.”
Giga, Writer, 29

It was very unwise from the opposition to agree to the electoral code with the UNM. I’m sure these parties realize their failure quite well but they simply needed additional money for their activities, that’s all.
Nini, Office Manager, 28

I had been quite skeptical about the possible agreement between the ruling party and the members of eight oppositional parties working on the electoral code. As a Georgian citizen I think it is impossible to count on the collaboration of the Government officials working on their own PR campaign. The so called agreement with the particular oppositional units would become another step “proving” Saakahsvili’s generosity while the same opposition figures would give rise to rumors among Georgian society.”
Tornike, Economist, 42