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Do you think property rights are protected in Georgia?

Wednesday, July 13
“I think that in the documents and in the legislation papers everything is protected, however in real life it is not really the case. I have heard about a couple of cases when people were deprived of their property without any legal basis. This should be regulated somehow if we want to be a normal country.”
Nineli, real estate agent, 52

“I am not very aware of this issue but I remember a lot of scandals related to depriving people of their restaurants and other businesses illegally. However I do not know if the problem still exists.”
Levan, mathematician, 37

“Neither property rights, nor any other rights of the people are protected in this country. We are living in a state with no rule of law.”
Zaal, economist, 45

“It depends on who the owner is to my mind, if the owner is an influential figure with close contacts with the authorities, or the Government members or so on, his or her property rights are excellently protected.”
ela, Engineer, 36

“If everything is done based on law, I think that in this case property rights are protected, I have never had problems in this area.”
Zurab, Manager, 27

“If someone is an owner and has juridical documents proving this, his rights are protected based on the law, no one will be able to grab his property.”
Nona, Lawyer, 30

“No rights are protected in the country, if someone, for example a powerful politician , or businessmen likes your property and wants to have it, one day you will lose it, how, even you might be surprised. Everything is possible in this country and there are a lot of examples of this.”
Mamuka, Economist, 45