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Russia and opening of Armenian-Turkish border

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 22
Azeri political analyst Vafa Guluzade thinks that the west does not realize that even if Azerbaijan agrees to the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border, Moscow will not. The west is ignoring the possibility that if this border is opened, Russia will lose its influence over the south Caucasus, so of course privately it is against this process and it can easily influence decisions of Armenia. Meanwhile despite immense pressure from the west on Turkey it is doubtful that Ankara would make any concessions before opening the Turkish – Armenian border without settling fairly the conflict in Karabakh. So if the west wants to really solve the situation it should put pressure on Moscow rather than on Ankara or Baku. The key to the Karabakh conflict solution is in the Kremlin. Russia takes many benefits from Armenia’s blockade and the state of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, thus Moscow maintains its influence over the region. It should be realized by the west, thinks Guluzade, that Armenia’s problems are not emanating from Turkey and Azerbaijan but mainly from Moscow.