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Friday, July 22
Armenians want Garegin II to resign

Akhali Taoba reports that the negative attitude towards Garegin II is increasing every day in Armenia. Local media outlets do not hide their negative opinions towards him and now a Facebook group has been created demanding Garegin II's resignation., an Armenian news agency reported about this new group first and in that time the Facebook group had only 67 members which has now increased. A question was asked whether Garegin II should be abandoned by the Armenian church and 1560 persons answered positively, 221 answered negatively.

This negative attitude among Armenians increased when Garegin II said that he does not care about the churches located in mountains. This statement was followed by a big protest from society stating that it is impossible for the Catholicos not to care about mountainous monasteries.

Currently Armenia demands that Georgia gives it 5 churches in Tbilisi and 1 in Akhaltsikhe. According to one newspaper it is interesting that Garegin II cares for the churches in Georgia when he does not care Armenian churches located in mountainous regions of his country.

A New School is being constructed in Samtskhe- Javakheti Region

The Agency of Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development under the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is undertaking the construction of a new school in Samtskhe- Javakheti region 24 Hours reports.

The old building of Akhalkalaki Public Schoolą3 was demolished in 1988 as a result of the earthquake, since then the schoolchildren have been studying in a block of flats in a non-standard learning environment. The school is Georgian and ethnic Armenians also study there together with Georgian schoolchildren.

From 2011, more schoolchildren will be enrolled at this school; hence a new building will be three stories high and fully meet the needs of the schoolchildren. The building will be equipped with modern technical equipment; it will have a school laboratory, library, computer class and sports hall.

“Language House“ will also be placed in the school building; the school principals, teachers, public officials and all other interested person in the region will have an opportunity to study Georgian language at “ Language House”.