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On average how much do you spend during your summer holidays?

Friday, July 22
“I do not spend one tetri, because I almost never go outside Tbilisi to have summer holidays. Sadly, this is my reality. My salary is hardly enough to cover my monthly expenses. “
Manana, saleswoman, 40

“Around 500 lari. It is not much, but this is how much I manage to save. I do not like to ask my parents to fund my holidays. So I usually go to small-budget trekking tours and excursions.”
Lana, receptionist, 23

“Last year I spent around 800 Euros in Turkey and had a very nice vacation. Hopefully the prices have not gone up this summer. I am planning to go back to Turkey again. I prefer to get a better service for the same money that I would spend on the Georgian seaside. “
Kakha, economist, 28

"I do not have much income, thus I spend as much as I have and plan my holiday based on my finances. On average I spend GEL 200-250. I go to Kobuleti with my friends for one week and that's all."
Nona, Teacher, 31

"I have quite a big family and during the year I have to save money for the summer holiday. We have a flat in Borjomi and we will not have to pay for an apartment, thus, I have to spend nearly GEL 500-600 overall."
Goga, Engineer, 39

"I have never counted. I rest in August almost every year and I spend nearly GEL 1000 -2000 during the month. I have to work hard during the year and in this one month I want to have a really good time."
Giorgi, Manager , 26

“This summer I spent around euro 1 500 because I left for Paris with my husband. Tickets, hotel, food took lots of money but I still have something for doing shopping in the European capital.”
Ana, Tour Manager, 24

“I actually earn a little money but this year I was invited to participate in an international program and had enough money to spend on nonsense. But generally I need at least 200-300 laris for the one week - hotel, food and entertainment.”
Elene, Lawyer, 27

“I spend my summer holidays in mountains with my wife and a small child so I really need a lot of money for our ten-day vacations. Thus GEL 1000 is the normal amount which we can spend for our maximum comfort.”
Davit, Musician, 44