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Which Georgian-Produced Product is your Favorite and Why?

Thursday, July 28
“I always try to buy the products which are made in Georgia, and I am glad that in recent years such products are many on our market. I like Berta produced hygienic products and they are really good quality, and what is more the price is low. Also I would point to Georgian mineral waters and wine.”
Maka, designer, 32

“There are plenty of products produced in Georgia which I use every day. Oil and butter are those products which I remember now. Ah, yes ice cream! Georgian companies have very delicious ice cream my family especially adores Barambo!”
Sophie, accountant, 26

“I should admit that I didn't have much trust towards Georgian products, mainly because I haven't lived in Georgia for many years. But recently I have changed my mind and I am quite satisfied with the quality of various items. For example, Georgian produced beer is one of the best, not to mention wine. However, I think that the prices should be low as in many cases products’ quality does not correspond to its price.”
Misha, student, 23

“I like Ioli ice-creams – they are quite tasty compared with other locally produced similar products.”
Magda, Student, 20

“Marneuli cucumber is the best... why? Because it's tailored to our Georgian traditional taste. Also Berta could be named as one of them as it suits Georgian water (as they say) but I've tried it and it's really good and has a relatively good price too.”
Koka, Business Reporter, 21

“I find Barambo products delicious! They are the best for me!”
Ana, Pupil, 15

“It won’t be a surprise for anyone if I praise the traditional Georgian wine with its high quality and wonderful taste.”
Giorgi, Musician, 32

Well, I use various Georgian products and I think that in this direction Georgia has made serious progress. Especially, I like dairy products made in Georgia, Sante's products I like most of all, and I think that Barambo produces high quality items."
Nata, Actress, 31

"From those products which are produced in Georgia I prefer food, I think that there are companies in Georgia which really produce high quality products, like Nikora, Soplis Nobati, Sante and so on. I also like those products which are produced in supermarkets or in the hypermarket Goodwill."
Goga, Manager, 27