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Do you think unification of so called South Ossetia with Russia possible? If yes, what outcomes should we expect?

Wednesday, August 3
"This is a very serious issue; I just don't want to imagine it. To my mind it would be very difficult for Russia to manage this, as so-called South Ossetia is not an independent area, it is a part of Georgia and recognized as Georgian region by the international community."
Merab, Archeologist, 43

"If the situation will go on like it is now, meaning when nothing is done for conflict regulation, we should expect nothing positive in this field. This might happen, if our authorities continue on the political course ,they have now."
Nona, Doctor, 54

"I know one thing, nothing is impossible, everything is possible if somebody has a great will to do something... I hope so-called South Ossetia will never be a part of Russia, as it is historical part of Georgia, but Russia will do its best to take complete control of occupied regions of Georgia."
Gela, Historian, 31

"To my mind this will not happen , as so called South Ossetia is Georgian land and Russia and the de facto region should have international support in this field, However we should be very careful and act sensibly."
Goga, Manager, 28

I think itís possible for sure but the right time hasn't come yet. The August War in 2008 was a step forward to this action and Iím afraid the Russian Government will do its best to fulfill this idea and officially unite with South Ossetia.
Nani, Housewife, 29

ďI have heard about this issue and if Iím not mistaken nothing has been properly defined yet. It is hard to predict the outcome of the possible unification but I would definitely irritate Georgia. Unfortunately we have too many IDPs in our country and we should do everything to avoid another dangerous step.Ē
Givi, Scientist, 56

ďSouth Ossetian people have been unofficially ruled by Russian government and Russia has been trying hard to prove their authority over the region. Historically (if Iím not mistaken) the so-called South Ossetia belonged to Georgia and the August War was Russiaís attempt to achieve its hostile plan against our country. So I think the international community should try hard to avoid further armed conflict between the neighboring countries: Georgia and Russia.Ē
Tina, Student, 19