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Friday, August 19
Meeting with Swiss delegation at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A meeting has been held with the Swiss delegation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

The topic of the meeting was Russia’s aspirations to join the World Trade Organization.

The sides talked about the progress of the ongoing negotiations between Georgia and Russia with the mediation of Switzerland. They also talked about the necessity for restoration of the functioning of the Georgian Interests Section of the Swiss Embassy in Moscow.

Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze took part in the meeting. (Interpressnews)

Kakha Kukava demands independent investigation in connection with Zeikidze’s case

Kakha Kukava, leader of Free Georgia demands an immediate independent investigation with the participation of NGOs and under its observation to investigate the series of "legitimate killings" in Georgian prisons.

"On August 16 in the Prison No 6 Mamuka Zeikidze died. I will remind you that Mamuka Zeikidze was a father of Giorgi Zeikidze. (Giorgi Zeikidze was underage when imprisoned). The public reacted sharply to the detention of this person. The strong position of the family and the fight for him irritated the government and later on they detained Mamuka Zeikidze. The official information on the death of Mamika Zeikidze is connected with the accident, as if he was killed by an attempt to switch on the coffee pot which resulted in an electric shock. According to unofficial information, he suffered injuries to his head.

”For the last year in Georgian prisons tens of prisoners died and none of the cases were investigated,"- Kukava said. (GHN)

Fish died in Mtkvari due to lack of oxygen

The experts have announced the cause of the death of fish in the River Mtkvari - the laboratory test was published yesterday. The experts say the heavy precipitation increased the amount of silt in the water, which in its turn reduced the concentration of oxygen in the water, causing the death of the fish.

The dead fish floated to the surface and some anglers fishing at the river said the incident was caused by the water's intoxication. Others said the fish were killed by lack of oxygen in the water. The samples of water and fish were taken to the laboratory for tests, which proved the second version. The experts say the concentration of oxygen will return to a normal state in a few days. (Rustavi 2)

Economy and agriculture of Svaneti is destroyed – Irakli Alasania

Irakli Alasania, leader of the Free Democrats party, has met with the local population in Lentekhi, Svaneti region of Georgia.

‘The economy and agriculture of Svaneti is destroyed’, Alasania said after the meeting.

According to him, the majority of the local population is unemployed, while the Ministry of Agriculture does not try to help peasants.

‘Changes are necessary in agriculture. Peasants need our help. They should have income so as not to die of hunger’, Alasania said. (Interpressnews)

Seventy disabled children sent to Borjomi on holidays

Seventy disabled children will spend their holidays in Borjomi. Yet another group of children yesterday traveled to the resort for 12 days under a social assistance program of the Tbilisi municipal government.

The total number of children sent to various resorts under the governmental program this year is one thousand. The project has been underway for the past few years. The Tbilisi government will fund the holidays of 300 or more children by the end of summer. (Rustavi 2)

35 mln EURO for underground communication improvement in Batumi

35 million Euros will be spent on the development and rehabilitation of underground communications in Batumi - the corresponding agreement will be signed between the Georgian and the German governments today. The chairperson of the Adjara government has already hosted a German delegation. Levan Varshalomidze and the Minister of Finance of Germany discussed the details of the project. 20 of the 35 million EURO is a loan and the remaining 15 million is a grant. The funds will be spent on the rehabilitation of drinking water and sewage systems in the capital of the autonomous republic of Adjara.

According to the aforementioned project, from 2012 to 2015, the reconstruction of the underground communications in the Batumi suburbs will be completed. (Rustavi 2)

Eco-camps to be arranged at protected areas

Eco-camps 2011 will be arranged at protected areas of Lagodekhi, Mtirala national park and the Borjomi-Kharagauli national park after a memorandum of cooperation between the National Agency of Protected Areas and the International Network of Civil Development covering the details of the project was signed yesterday. The sides agree to cooperate intensively with the youth organization to involve young people in the projects. (Rustavi 2)