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Friday, August 19
Court hearing in Malaysia again postponed

The court hearing has again been postponed in Malaysia where two Georgian women have been in detention for 9 months, accused of drug trafficking, 24 Hours writes.

According to Malaysian media the court hearing was postponed because of language problems. Malaysia could not find an interpreter for the Georgian women. “I have been involved in this case for two months and I did not have an opportunity to meet my client and talk about this case. The problem was lack of communication and a language barrier,” said the lawyer of Georgian woman Kokhtashvili.

Malaysian media reports that the court has already addressed the Azerbaijani and Ukrainian embassies in Malaysia to help in finding an interpreter.

Schoolchildren awarded

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia continues to award medals to successful schoolchildren. In the frame of “Supporting Gifted and Talented Youth Programme” initiated by the President of Georgia, Deputy Minister Nodar Surguladze awarded successful schoolchildren of Imereti Region with gold and silver medals, 24 Hours reports.

There are 159 gold and 198 silver medal holders in the schools of Imereti Region in 2010-2011 academic year. The awards ceremony was held at Kutaisi Public School ¹1.

According to the statement of Nodar Surguladze, it is a source of encouragement for the schoolchildren and it raises their motivation to study.

On the initiative of the President of Georgia, Ministry of Education and Science implements “Sub-programme for Awarding the Best students with Medals”. In the frames of this program, in total, 877 gold and 1122 silver medals were prepared for 2010-2011 academic year.

The criteria for selecting medal candidates are regulated by the National Curriculum. Each medal has the name of the owner and the year of graduation engraved on it.