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Do you think it is necessary for Georgian teachers to take certification examinations?

Friday, August 19
“Time changes fast, novelties come and go and I think that we all, despite our profession, should follow it. I respect all teachers and I always say that they do a great job in bringing up children, however better qualifications, logical analysis and the introduction of new standards of teaching is very necessary for our schools. I welcome these examinations!”
Maia, pediatrician, 51

“Yes, I think certification exams are absolutely necessary not only for teachers but every professional for his or her future promotion.”
Lia, Marketing Manager, 22

“As a teacher I would say that we, Georgian teachers have quite a good educational background and sufficient practice of our knowledge. But our country is trying to catch up with the international standards of educational system and the only thing we have to do is to obey the rules introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.”
Inga, Teacher of Georgian Language and Literature, 45

“There is one thing I would simply say – Georgia has its long standing traditions which we have been following for years but the new Government has introduced so many innovations that people can cope. I don’t like everything they do because this is all false – I mean the so called reforms are only making it hard for people to leave.”
Nikoloz, Driver, 51

“My mom is a teacher at one of the public schools and she did well in both examinations. She is very happy and thinks that her sleepless nights were worth it. Also I think that certified teachers should have a higher salary, much more than the ministry promised.”
Gigi, student, 19

“If she/he is already a teacher why are they obliged to take such examinations? I do not understand, if they do not have enough knowledge why do they work at schools? This is another silly project and a waste of time and money.”
Sophio, pensioner, 64