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Wednesday, August 24
U.S. Government to Give Combines Worth of $2.5 Million to Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia

U.S. ambassador to Georgia John Bass presented 10 universal combine harvesters to the Ministry of agriculture of Georgia yesterday. As InterPressNews was told by U.S. embassy, the event took place at Orkhevi mechanization centre yesterday. The total price of the combines is $2 560 300. The event was attended by Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Bakur Kvezereli.

The purchase of the combines was financed by U.S. agriculture department. The modern technique will be available for farmers by means of the mechanization centers of “Mechanizatori” Ltd. (Interpressnews)

Foreign Minister visits Mexico

Foreign Minister of Georgia Grigol Vashadze is paying an official visit to Mexico. Within the visit, the minister has met with the chairperson of the foreign affairs of the Mexican legislative government`s chamber of MPs Mr. Porfirio Melo, discussing intensification of bilateral relations and the situation in the Caucasus and the Central America.

Mr. Vashadze also visited the Matias Romero Institute, a subordinate institution to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. The Minister delivered a speech before the audience and spoke about the reforms implemented in Georgia during the past few years. The speech was followed by a discussion about the economic reforms in Georgia, the Georgia-Russia relations after the August war in 2008, the situation at Georgia`s occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Georgia`s participation in the ISAF mission and the activities of the Georgian government against organized crime and corruption. (Rustavi 2)

Bidzina Giorgobiani released from Spanish prison

The former Head of Forest Department of Georgia Bidzina Giorgobiani was released from Spanish prison. Giorgobiani personally spread this information by the social network, at his friend’s Facebook page. “I was released at 11:00 at night, but I am not allowed to leave the territory of Spain for 2 weeks. The Germans did a very good job. I fled from real captious. I was on a holiday for a week together with my children and Interpol took me there. I had to endure hardest 3 weeks and I even wrote a good book in the darkness,” cited Giorgobiani. Information about the former state official’s arrest was spread on August 21. The Georgian government issued an arrest warrant for Giorgobiani and has been searching for him via Interpol, but Germany gave him political shelter. (Interpressnews)

Moscow Arbitrary court registered a suit against Interest section of Georgia

The Arbitrary Court of Moscow registered the suit of joint stock company, “Ostozhenki Business Centre”, that demands the eviction of the Georgian Interest Section of Swiss Confederation in Russia from the building that belongs to the company. Agency Ria Novosti reported on the development. The suit was brought to the court on August 18 but the date of the discussion of the case is not known yet. The owner of the building demands the eviction of the diplomats from the building and the payment of the existing debts. The proprietor also noted that the second floor of the building is totally dedicated to the Georgian Interests Section. The electricity provision to the Interest Section was cut for unpaid bills twice on 4 and 17 August. Later electricity provision was restored for two months resulting in the aforementioned letter sent to the Foreign Ministry of Russia. (Interpressnews)

Robert Sturua stays in Georgia

Georgian media released information that Robert Sturua, the former Artistic Director of Shota Rustavel National Drama Theatre, had agreed on an invitation from Moscow’s Et Cetera Theatre. As the actor of Rustaveli theatre Beso Zanguri told The Messenger “such statements are false” because “those, who know that we can’t be defeated, have started creating gossip.” Sturua has quite a fruitful cooperation with Et Cetera Directed by Russian Artist Alexander Kaliagin where the Georgian Director has staged three interesting plays. “I have asked for 2-3 weeks to make a final decision. I wonder how free I will be spiritually,” Sturua had stated on the invitation to Moscow’s theatre. The troupe of Rustaveli theatre united under the slogan “Bring back Robert Sturua to the theater!” while Sturua continues working on his play Hunting Season for Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre opening on September 14. (The Messenger)

Firemen control fire on Makhata Hill, Tbilisi

Fire brigades have succeeded to combat a large blaze on the Makhata Hill, Tbilisi, on Tuesday night. Five brigades were sent to the place of the disaster to fight the fire, as it spread on a large territory of the field. Allegedly, the fire was caused by negligence of civilians. The head of the emergencies` situations service Temur Giorgadze said the danger that the fire might spread to a populated area was quite real as the wind was very strong on the mountain, but with the help of the officers of the municipal supervisory service, the firemen easily found paths to the disaster points and extinguished the fire in time. (Rustavi 2)

Labour Party disapproves privatization of polyclinics

Georgian Labour Party disapproves the privatization of polyclinic and calls upon the medical personnel of the medical institutions to express their protest. Secretary of the Labour Party Nestan Kirtadze asserts that after the privatization the property of the municipal clinics will be handed over to senior authorities or business groups associated with them. The Labour Party calls for protection of the rights of the doctors. “Polyclinics are being sold one after another and on the one hand, the property is handed over to individuals unknown for the society, mostly to the representatives of the government, their families or their business groups; on the other hand - the personnel of these clinics remain unemployed and such a vital service becomes unavailable for our people,” Nestan Kirtadze stated. (Rustavi 2)