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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, August 24
Peasants are cheated

Rezonansi reports that Georgian peasants are being cheated by the current authorities and their agricultural lands are being sold to foreigners. Locals are unable to buy lands, residents of Gori Municipality claimed while talking with the newspaper and they suspect that the current authorities deliberately set high costs on agricultural lands, because they want to deal with foreigners. Based on the peasants, with the assistance of the local municipalities, their territories are mainly sold to foreigners.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, in the municipalities of each region of Georgia, their representative and each interested person, who aims to buy land, can get information on the dates of auctions and costs. No privileges are stipulated for Georgians. The land is sold on those, who pay more money. The Ministry also underlines that the lands are sold to those who have Georgian citizenship and to those with double citizenship, as well.

Why the participants of August war are not given veteran status

According to Kviris Palitra the Commander in Chief of Georgia does not call the participants of the August war the veterans, when those who were killed in the war, or those who are regarded as lost, are given such status. The newspaper, based on the representative of National Forum, Tamar Chiburdanidze, states that currently, the authorities are granting the status of veterans to certain participants of the war discreetly.

“In 1996 it was adopted the law on the Veterans and Armed Forces, according to which the status was given to the participants in Abkhazia and Samachablo military operations. The law was amended after the August war 2008. Based on the amendment the status was given only to those who were killed or lost, as I got to know several days ago, the Interior Ministry has been giving this status secretly only to the members of special units, “ Chiburdanidze, said.

According to her, she got this information from those who have already got such status. As she has stated the decision has been imposed due to several reasons. One of such reasons is that the elections are coming closer and the authorities need a loyal and devoted special unit. After May 26 events, the rating of special units and police had fallen and with such a decision the Government is trying to please the special units. At the same time, Saakashvili is angry with the army, he does not like soldiers. Herewith, if all of the living participants of the war will be given such status, it will cost too much for the state budget.