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Do Georgian resorts satisfy international standards? How affordable is staying at renewed Georgian resorts for you?

Wednesday, August 24
“Oh it’s quite a funny question because all those “ultra-modern” resorts all around Georgia are so expensive that I really prefer having a vacation at my home village in Manglisi rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a one night stay at the “fashionable hotels”.
Giorgi, Blogger, 23

“In my opinion, prices are rather high at any newly opened resort in Georgia so I prefer to rest for example in Turkey which is almost the same price as Batumi or even the newly opened Anaklia.”
Tornike, Economist, 42

“Well, the Georgian resorts don’t at all satisfy the international standards because they are still in the process of construction. Moreover everything is made at a low quality and has expensive prices. Everywhere I have been so far was quite uncomfortable for me – Batumi was so expensive that I would never go there again! As for the mountainous regions like Svaneti – there are no basic conditions for the visitors while the prices on products are also very high. But I can claim one thing: if you spend your vacations at your friends’ family you can have more fun and pleasure than spending dollars in hotels and still feeling awkward.”
Beka, Actor, 24

"To say the truth, I did not have enough money to see the renewed resorts and have a rest there. It would be better if salaries were increased in the state and a normal living environment was created in the country. Most of Georgian society does not have such a luxury to rest at all. It is nice that something is being done in the country, however we do not have an opportunity to get pleasure from them."
Gia, Computer programmer, 32

"They are not like international resorts, however they are coming close to the international standards, which is a really positive step. For me the cost is available, as I have a nice job and income, however, still I prefer foreign resorts, especially when the price is nearly the same."
Madona, Economist, 29

"A lot of works have been carried out for Georgian resorts rehabilitation and development and I welcome this. Georgian resorts look nice, however, much is still to be done, as our authorities' state, as in most of the resorts, rehabilitation works and constructions are still not concluded. Now, stating that we have the most modern resorts is an exaggeration to my mind, this can be said after some period. To have a good rest in Georgia is possible, in my opinion, you have to just choose where to go and how much you can spend."
Giorgi, Manager, 26