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The foreign trade trends of Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 25
The National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) released an external trade analysis from Georgia in January –July 2011. According to the database released by Geostat the Georgian foreign trade turnover (excluding non-organized trade) comprised USD 4.832 million, which exceeds the previous year's figures by 36%, from which the rate of exports increased by 37% USD 1.187 million, and imports by 36% reaching USD 3.645million.

As Geostat reports, the commodity turnover between Georgia and the EU member states made up USD 1.228 million, which exceeds the data of the previous year by 32%; wherefrom the share of exports consisted of USD 198 million (a 27% increase), and imports of USD 1031million (a 33% increase). As the statistics office states the share of Georgian trade turnover with these countries comprised around 25%, which included 17% of exports and 28% of imports. The negative trade balance has also increased by 35% in January-July 2011 and reached USD 2.459 millions. The national office 2011 export index has significantly increased in comparison to previous years. The level of import decreased only in comparison to 2008 and the entire turnover is increased in comparison to the last 3 years. Georgia’s main trade partners continue to be Turkey with 16.7%, Azerbaijan 10.9%, Ukraine 10.0, China 5.9%, Germany 5.2% of total foreign trade.