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Russian officials: Georgian government hinders Georgian wine re-entry to Russian market

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 25
Tbilisi is hindering the re-entering of Georgian wine and mineral water on to the Russian market, the Russian Rospotreb Nadzor informs. At a time when the Georgian business community is searching for way to re-instate certain products on the Russian market in a professional manner, the rhetoric of the Georgian government continues to thwart any sort of cooperation or dialogue between parties, it was stated in the Rospotreb Nadzor. The official statement of Genady Onishenko, the Russian Chief Sanitarian, states that a meeting is planned on August 26 with Kakha Kukava, from the opposition in Georgia. At the meeting the question of restoration of Georgian mineral water and wine will be discussed. Several days ago the Russian sanitarian service Rospoterb Nadzor started to review the restoration of mineral water and wine supply from Georgia.