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Thursday, August 25
National football team to begin trainings on August 28

The head coach of the Georgian national football team has named his squad for the forhtcoming Euro 2012 qualification double header. The team will assemble on the technical training centre Basa as usual. The squad will convene after the weekend's matches across Europe, on August 29. It should be noted that after a long absence Ketsbaia has recalled the forward of Ukraine`s Arsenal, Aleksandre Kobakhidze, who has been in excellent form. Georgia`s national team will hold European Championship's qualification matches against Latvia in Tbilisi on September 2 and then travel to play Malta on September 6. (Rustavi 2)

Tbilisi to have another five-star hotel

Tbilisi will have yet another five-star hotel soon. An Arabian Company Dabi Group Georgia has purchased the building on the Rustaveli Avenue, formerly the `Imeli` office, which will be reconstructed into a new five-star hotel on Tbilisi`s central avenue. A representative of the investor company says they are going to conclude the details of the construction with the government and take into consideration their recommendations and remarks. The construction will begin only after the Tbilisi government issues a license to the investor. (Rustavi 2)

Investigation detected Politkovskaya’s murder

The Russian Federation's Investigation Committee has information on who ordered the killing of Anna Politkovskaya, Journalist of Novaya Gazeta. She was killed in 2006 at the entrance of her own house. "The investigation has information about the person who possibly ordered the murder. Nevertheless this information will not be disclosed at this stage of investigation, the investigative committee informs in its official web page. The ‘Novaya Gazeta" in turn informs that the investigation questioned and detained policeman, Colonel Dmitri Pavlyuchenko. According to the Russian legislation it is possible that the suspect could be charged within ten days. (GHN)

Rescuers searching for a man in Khde Ravine

Rescuers are searching for a 30 year-old man in the Khde Ravine, a remote region of Georgia. The rescue operation is underway in an emergency rescue. Two groups of six amateur alpinists climbed the summit Gora, and one of them decided to walk down alone in the mist. His travel companions have not seen him since and rescuers, border guards and colleagues have been searching for the lost climber during for two days. The summit is 4,200 meters high, but it is not considered to be a difficult route for mountaineers. The friends of the missing man say he knew the route quite well and often went their without companions. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian State Constitution on Braille Font

The Regional Center for Research and Support of Constitutionalism presented the Georgian State Constitution in Braille Font to the Union of Blind People of Georgia commemorating the16th anniversary of adoption of the State Constitution. “We found it rather important to create such a copy of the state document to ensure that all our citizens have access on the State Constitution,” said Avtandil Demetrashvili the Chairman of the Center. Revaz Maisuradze the Head of the Union of Blind People welcomed the innovation. “Such a step would on the one hand enable them to personally familiarize themselves with the constitutional changes while on the other hand it would be a signal to society that we also “exist,” stated Maisuradze. (The Messenger)

Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry in reaction to recent developments in Libya

Georgia welcomes the fact that the Libyan people's struggle for freedom has entered its decisive stage in the last few days. It is to be hoped that the Libyan people will soon be given a chance to uphold their rights and express their free will throughout their own country. The Georgian Foreign Ministry supports the efforts undertaken by the Transitional National Council of Libya towards ensuring order and stability in the country, as well as those undertaken by the North-Atlantic Alliance towards protecting the peaceful population from their dictator, Gaddafi. Georgia itself has experienced the destructive force of war and internal conflicts, and is very aware of the price of peace and democracy. The Georgian government hopes that a peaceful and democratic Libya will soon overcome the challenges it faces and that it will succeed in building a new Libyan state which will occupy its rightful place in the international community. The recent developments in Libya should serve as an example to all dictators in the world of the fact that force and threats cannot contain the free will of a people. (mfa.