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Friday, September 2
Three Parties Vie for MP Seat in By-Election

Candidates from the ruling National Movement party, as well as Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM) and Industrialists party will run in MP by-election in Telavi single-mandate constituency on October 2. The majoritarian seat in Telavi, a town and district in eastern region of Kakheti, became vacant after Gia Arsenishvili, a ruling party lawmaker, who chaired parliamentary committee for human rights, died of heart attack in November 2010. CDM, a leading party in the small parliamentary minority group, which now has seven MPs in 150-seat, named its candidate on August 31 and two other parties said they would nominate their candidates on September 1, a day before the deadline. There are 56,932 voters registered in the Telavi constituency, according to the Central Election Commission. (

President of Georgia Extends Condolences to the Family of the Deceased Soldier

The President of Georgia expressed his deep regrets regarding the death of a Georgian soldier in Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Rezo Beridze . Beridze passed away as a result of a wound received during a Taliban attack while patrolling in the Helmand province. (Interpressnews)

Former Head of Eduard Kokoity Administration Killed in Russia

Former head of Eduard Kokoity’s administration Aleksandr Bolshakov was killed in Russia, Kavkazski Uzel informs. Bolshakov’s family was attacked by three men in masks on 31 August in the town of Suzdal. They demanded money. According to the investigation, Bolshakov was beaten and then injured in the neck. The attackers beat his wife and stole money and video equipment. Aleksandr Bolshakov worked as head of the South Ossetian presidential administration in 2008-2009. (Interpressnews)

Georgia, Ukraine simplify customs procedures

Customs procedures will be simplified between Georgia and Ukraine - head of the Incomes Office of the Ministry of Finance and the head of the Ukraine`s Customs Department signed a memorandum to that effect yesterday. The agreement will regulate legal issues around the customs procedures; the partner states will draft an action plan and exchange information.

Jaba Ebanoidze and Igor Kaletnik have also met with the representatives of the Customs Trade Chamber discussing the projects implemented in the customs sector and novelties, prospects of export and import growth between the two countries. (Rustavi 2)

More convicts released

20 convicts out of 200 were released by decision of the Local Councils for Early Conditional Release on Thursday. Giorgi Goradze from the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia (MCLA) held a press conference stressing that the detainees would gradually leave the prisons in a couple of days. The Local Councils for Early Conditional Release reviewed the applications of detainees received in the current month. The regulations for the work of the Councils provide that the Councils must review applications for release by inmates every month, which is followed by hearings. Five-member councils are represented by the MCLA, the National Probation Agency, local NGOs, the High Council of Justice of Georgia and members of local self-governments. Reports of the Councils are reviewed by the Standing Committee of the MCLA at least quarterly. (The Messenger)

Georgian footballer Giorgi Demetradze forced to hunger in a prison

The well-known Georgian footballer Giorgi Demetradze, who is imprisoned in a Rustavi prison, is being forced to starvation. His private card is blocked, GHN reports. Gela Zedelashvili, journalist of the Georgian newspaper Alia said that the card which he owns for necessary goods is blocked. "This means that he is hungry."-an anonymous source said to Gela Zedelashvili. The article reads that some persons are forcing him to commit suicide. Someone put a razor blade in his bed. The former member of the Georgian football team was detained for his affiliation to the criminals "thieves in law". He was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment on July 8, 2010. (GHN)