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What are your hopes regarding our Basketball team?

Friday, September 2
“I am really very hopeful and think we have a really good team , it is a great success that we play for the championship of Europe. “
Giga, Student, 21

“I am not keen on basketball, however, I am glad that we managed to achieve success in this field, and I hope that we achieve more and more successes.”
Salome, Teacher, 34

“The fact that we are able to play against the strongest teams of Europe, it is already a success; I think that we have good chances and our team will perform well. I wish them victory; we need the victory, as we never had any serious success in this field.”
Nodar, trainer, 51

“I’m very glad with the success of the Georgian basketball team but I can make no predictions on future games.”
Lili, Journalist, 24

“Actually, I hope we will win because in otherwise I would simply wonder what they want to achieve in their careers.”
Nodar, Economist, 28

“I’m sure our team will become the champion this time by all means!”
Tamta, Lawyer, 26

“I hope that we will win whole tournament but it's just a hope.”
Tornike, Financial Manager, 52

“If they go on playing the way they did on Wednesday our team will win.”
Keti, Law Expert, 49