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Wednesday, September 7
"Georgian Days" in Klaipeda are over

Georgian Days in Klaipeda, Lithuania lasted six days, and officially closed with the concert of the Georgian Voices band last night. The concert was full; people from all districts of the city came to "Georgia Street" as it was called for several days, to listen to Georgian songs. Lithuanians and foreign visitors were very impressed by Georgian culture.

Georgian wine came next, also causing much admiration, and on the last day of Georgian Week in Klaipeda, a Georgian delegation offered wine tasting. It was Saperavi that was most popular. The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia took additional orders of Georgian wine and the reserves for the festival expired last night. Georgian dances, songs and dishes were very popular in Klaipeda. The next city in Lithuania to become familiar with Georgian culture will be Vilnius. (Rustavi 2)

Political organizations hold protests in Georgia and Europe against May 26 brutalities

Georgian political organizations planned protests in Georgia and in six European countries at diplomatic representations, from September 5 to 8. The organisers of the protests spoke at the offices of the political party Georgian Troup, saying that the aim of the action is to find justice concerning the events that occurred on May 26 in Tbilisi.

The leader of "Georgian Emigrants” (Georgians living abroad), Zviad Kushitashvili stated that protests will be held at the EU representation in Tbilisi, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Poland, France and Spain. A protest is planned in Krtsanisi, Tbilisi on September 6, outside the Georgian Parliament on Septemeber 7 and on September 8 outside the UN House. A film about May 26 events will be on at the agenda.

The organizers of the protest are the Georgian Troup, the Whites Movement, youth organizations and the NGOs Iverieli and Georgian Emigrants. (Prime-News)

Labour Party protests against new kindergarten taxes

Representatives of the “Labour Party” once again protested against imposing new taxes at municipal kindergartens. One of the leaders of the party, Paata Jibladze stated at a press-conference today that besides imposing new taxes at municipal kindergartens, the parents will have to pay for days when their children are not at the kindergarten.

According Jibladze, Heads of the kindergartens are calling to the parents to urge them to cover the total cost for the month of September beginning with September 10. The Labour Party calls this robbery. Since the season for kindergartens starts on September 15, in fact parents should cover the cost of only half the month.

Jibladze addressed President to abolish the tax and asked parents to protest against the new taxes in municipal kindergartens. (Interpressnews)

Mayor inspects the Mziuri renovation works

Swimming pools, entertainment centers, skateboard ramps, tennis courts, mini-movie theatres, an amphitheatre and picnic areas are all planned for attracting visitors in the renovated "Children`s town" of Mziuri in central Tbilisi soon. The reconstruction works have been underway for several months, with over 60 workers employed to implement the project. Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava viewed the reconstruction works on September 6.

The park will offer many possibilities for recreation, and is intended for children of any age, with sports facilities that include stadiums, running paths as well as open-air and covered gyms. Project completion is planned for 2012. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian Coast Guard fines foreign ship GEL 50,000

A tanker sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands has been fined 50,000 GEL by the Georgian Coast Guard in Batumi. The crew of the tanker launched a rescue boat in the sea for unclear reasons, which is in violation of Georgian legislation. The Coast Guard registered the violation during a raid and the tanker has been confiscated until the crew pays the 50,000 GEL fine. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian Public Broadcasting launches TV Project "BBC Speaker”

The Georgian Public Broadcasting launches a new TV project "BBC Speaker” which aims to encourage Georgian teenagers to speak publicly on important issues and gain oratory skills.

The "reality show" will be on air beginning at 22:00, from November 7. Participants of the show will be selected through a casting, with eight winners who will take part in the project. The overall winner will become the best speaker of Georgia and will later go for more training to Europe. (Prime-News)