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How actively are you involved in social networking?

Wednesday, September 7
I am a very active user of social networks. I get almost all kinds of information from the sites and I think that information can be found in social networks first of all and only afterwards on TV.
Giorgi, Computer Programmer, 29

Not very actively, as all day long I am out of the house and my job doesn't let me use a computer for hours. From time to time, jut for to contact with my friends whom I cant see frequently.
Salome, Teacher, 35

I am very actively involved. Practically all day long I switch several sites on, while doing some other job in the computer.
Khatuna, Journalist, 27

I think Im rather active in networking maybe thats because its my job.
Giorgi, Blogger, 20

I used to be active online as a teenager but I have less time for networking nowadays.
Nodar, Economist, 28

When I am at home, my Facebook account is almost always activated even when Im not sitting near the computer.
Tornike, MA Student, 21

I try to always be online, even if I'm doing something else. I don't want to be out of things and I like to be available for certain groups of people. It's like having cell phone; you won't turn it off all day long . I think social networks are the same, especially for certain professions.
Sophio, Journalist, 24

I have my own blog and I post on Facebook, however I dislike Twitter for some reason. I think blogging and social networks are the future of media.
Temur, Journalist, 25