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Are you interested in the history of the Soviet Union? Do you have any desire to watch and read documentary films and materials about Soviet past?

Monday, September 12
"I think that it is interesting, as the Soviet period is our past and what is going on now in the country is the outcome of the period. We should know about that time not to repeat the same mistakes again."
Natia, Doctor, 51

"I don't like documentary films at all, I only watch them if they are extremely interesting and on issues that I am keen on. I am not interested in films on the Soviet Union, as I think that it was the most horrible period for Georgia and not only for us."
Salome, Student, 19

"I watch such films all the time if they are broadcast. There were different states in the Soviet Union and we have some similar experiences, however there are some issues and events we do not have information on and have an opportunity to understand even after several years. "
Zurab, Engineer, 54

“Yes as a future film director I’m familiar with our past history and I have read quite a lot of material about that period in our country.”
Ani, Student, 20

“Despite the fact that Georgia received independence before I started reading or generally got interested in history or geography I must emphasize my great interest in the Soviet era. I think it is a significant part of our history so we can’t simply abolish our past.”
Temur, Lawyer, 27

“Yes, of course. It’s my favorite part of history.”
Tornike, Economist, 21

“It depends on the film, if there is an interesting angle about the Soviet Union why not? But I’d prefer to watch them on the internet.”
Giorgi, Journalist, 20