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Wednesday, September 21
Level of unemployment higher in Georgia compared to neighboring states

Rezonansi reports that based on official statistics, the level of unemployment stands at 16.3 % in Georgia, while it is 7% in Armenia, 6% in Azerbaijan and 7,5% in Russia. However, the analysts in all the above mentioned states criticize the official figures and claim that unemployment rate is higher than it is officially presented. According to critics, statistical manipulation takes place. However, even with these manipulations, Georgia is ahead of all neighboring states in this regard.

A the newspaper says, though the authorities permanently state that step by step the problem of unemployment is being solved, the reality of the situation is different. Even according to official data, during the last four years the level of unemployment has been rising and not decreasing.

Lawyers starting large scale protest

Akhali Taoba reports that Georgian lawyers are starting a large scale protest from September 26. According to the head of the Lawyers’ Association, Zaza Khatiashvili, Saakashvili’s regime is carrying our unprecedented oppression of lawyers and the authorities send lawyers into custody for each trial won. According to Khatiashvili, the lawyers’ protest has been accelerated by the detention of Tariel Murmanishvili, a lawyer himself. For Khatiashvili the detention was “such a terrible fact, that I called the special committee for the protection of the rights of lawyers.”

According to Khatiashvili, the committee has made the decision to hold a demonstration to be held on September 26, at 5pm, in front of the Supreme Court building. The chair of the Lawyers’ Association also explained the possible reason why the government oppresses lawyers in Georgia, “we are the only ones who unmask the illegal and unacceptable actions of the current authorities.”

Georgian basketball player Viktor Sanikidze listed among ten best players

Georgian online media IPN reports that Georgian basketball player Viktor Sanikidze has been listed among the ten best players in the European Championship 2011 by Eurobasket.

The other nine basketball players are from Croatia, Italy, Greece, Poland, Spain, Bosnia, Israel, Slovenia and Latvia. Reports say Viktor Sanikidze may move to Madrid’s Real. Similar reports were spread in 2010 too, though the deal fell through.