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Do you think Georgia is ready to participate in Euro–Atlantic structures?

Wednesday, September 21
“Well, I think that we are ready for this. A lot of reforms have been carried out and our level of democracy is quite high. At the same time, we are contributing to peace missions of the most powerful and influential countries in the world.”
Nodar, Policeman, 29

“I think that we are not ready yet for this and the attitude of the international community towards Georgia’s integration to NATO or EU, reveals this excellently. If we are ready for this, we would be the members of the organizations.”
Salome, Manager, 26

“Our authorities frequently state that we are ready, however , I can not agree with them. A lot of good things and reforms have been carried out and I can see this, however, the main problems we had, we have now, meaning common living conditions, level of unemployment and so on. I think that the Georgian authorities must undertake real changes and first of all should work for economic and social welfare, otherwise nothing will happen.”
Giorgi, Sociologist, 43

“I can’t really suggest anything properly because I’m hardly familiar with Georgia’s foreign policy. But I think we still need to improve our internal policy and later count on promotion at the international level.”
Tamta, Painter, 27

“I doubt that Georgia will succeed as regards the Euro-Atlantic structures because of the unsolved problems within the country.”
Lasha, Physician, 31

“Georgia has been implementing efficient reforms, however, Georgia has other obstacles which hinder its integration. On the one hand, Georgia is not economically sustainable as yet. GDP is growing relatively slowly. On the other hand the issue of Georgian territorial integrity and political instability also hinders the process. Additionally, it is obvious that the Russian factor should also be taken to consideration. I think Georgia is not yet ready for integration.”
Paata, Professor, 45