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How do you assess Bidzina Ivanishvili’s political decision and would you support his candidacy at the parliamentary elections?

Thursday, October 6
“I must confess I was quite surprised to hear the news about Ivanishvili’s decision, but I was really happy about it. I had actually started thinking of the “best” candidate among the “worst” ones. Now I exactly know whom I would support for sure. But I hope the ruling party won’t blackmail the businessman as they usually do with others.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 47

“Georgia is a country with no political education – I mean there are some countries where the political figures start their career with the relevant educational background as well as experience in politics. But we have the most amazing state where anyone with enough money and wisdom can start an impressive campaign and ensure the prosperity of the country.”
Nikoloz, Bank Accountant, 28

“I have heard only positive information about Ivanishvili and his family and I definitely welcome his political start. But I hope he would succeed in choosing the right political team and follow his patriotic ideas.”
Inga, Teacher, 31

“Well, to tell the truth I was happy when I heard about this decision. I had no idea for whom to vote in the parliamentary elections and now I will be able to freely go and vote. I will be happier if Ivanishvili takes part in the presidential elections as well.”
Lela, Language specialist, 34

“I assess his decision positively and think that he can do lots of great things for the Georgian people, but in any case I'm not going to attend the elections.”
Tamuna, Teacher, 24

“I welcome this decision, Georgian politics really needed such figures like him, I hope that he will not contact those politicians who are disliked by Georgian society and his team would be compiled with new, educated and talented faces.”
Davit, Engineer, 43