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Azerbaijan Sets Preconditions for Armenia’s Nuclear Power Station

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, October 12
Azerbaijan revealed the preconditions under which it will agree on the construction of a nuclear power station in Armenia. The main issue is that Armenia must elaborate an evaluation project for the power stations' impact on the environment and submit this document to the neighbouring countries. This was stated by the director of the Radiation Problems Institute of the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences, Adil Garibov. According to this statement, Armenia should inform Azerbaijan in detail where it would take water from, how it would be purified, in which direction and form, how security will be conducted, and some other questions which Azerbaijan might be interested in. Garibov does not exclude the possibility that Armenia could refuse to submit such information to the country with which it is in a state of war. Azerbaijan for its part then need not accept all the results of Armenia’s nuclear power station activities and details.