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Wednesday, October 12
Speculation over Khukhashvili Meeting with Ivanishvili

Alia writes that a few days ago a meeting was held between political analyst Gia Khukhashvili and billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili after the latter decided to involve himself in Georgian politics.

The initiator was [Ivanishvili] and we had a long meeting and we shared our opinions on various issues. I have never refused to meet anyone as this is a professional obligation as well, Khukhashvili said.

I will not talk in details about what we said, these things should be voiced by him. It's a surprise that there are rumours suggesting that Ivanishvili has a complex about appearing before society and having contact with people. But everything is actually the opposite and everyone will see it soon, the analyst said. He then added, I dont know whether he needs advice or not. He had some questions and I have responded. I cooperate with everyone who has the ability to influence Georgian political life. Two years ago I met with Saakashvili and we had a discussion as well.

Meat Export from Georgia Increases

Rezonansi writes that meat exports from Georgia are rapidly increasing, causing a deficit of meat inside the country. Meat prices have increased in Georgia as well. The major destination of exported meats is Azerbaijan and Armenia.

According to statistics last year 802.2 thousand tonnes of meat were exported which is 494 tonnes more than previous year. In the eight months of 2011, 727.8 thousand tonnes have been exported from Georgia already.