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What would you like to ask Bidzina Ivanishvili?

Wednesday, October 12
“What I would ask except for money? Hmm, I would like to know what's the real reason for his decision to become a politician.”
Lali, Journalist, 21

“Well, everyone wonders why Ivanishvili decided to start a political campaign. I doubt that his answer would be full of patriotism.”
Nodar, Architect, 47

“Can you finance my studies abroad Mr. Ivanishvili? That’s what I want to know most of all. ”
Sophio, PR Manager, 28

“I am interested to know if you decide to come to power, where are you going after the three years that you will be in politics?”
Nino, Language Specialist, 23

“I have the following question for Ivanishvili: why would such a person having no connection with politics decide to come to power? I am interested in concrete motivations.”
Gera, Journalist, 37

“I am interested in his action plan, how he intends to come to power and with whom he is going to collaborate with.”
Gvantsa, teacher , 24