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What do you think about the development of the gambling business in Georgia, how should the government act towards it?

Wednesday, October 19
“To tell the truth, I hate this business, it is the work of the devil which morally and materially kills a person. A lot of families are destroyed due to reasons related to gambling. The government must undertake serious control of this business and the number of such institutions should be restricted.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24.

“It is one of the main sources of income for the state budget and the current authorities assist such businesses, which is not right, as they are bad for Georgia's younger generations' future advancement and development.”
Gvantsa, Language specialist, 25

“I think it would be better to locate the gambling companies in one particular town like in Las Vegas. It may sound quite alarming but still one day we would become more like US or Europe and such changes would benefit us.”
Zakaria, Student, 21

“Well, I think that foreigners are interested in gambling and when they arrive they wish to visit such institutions. If we want to attract tourists and want a European situation in the country we should let them exist, however some restrictions must be carried out.”
Rita, Teacher, 23

“I can’t exactly make sense of this issue because I’m not familiar with the legislation our MPs are discussing in parliament, but there are lots of professionals who should be allowed to vote for this or any other initiative. The introduction of laws and their unanimous adoption is not beneficial for the democratic development of the country.”
Akaki, Driver, 47

“First of all we need anti-monopoly laws in charge of business development in Georgia, secondly, the state should stop encouraging people to get “easy money” by lotteries or other gambling activities, so I can’t be optimistic about this.”
Merab, Engineer, 31