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Wednesday, November 16
Emergency Telephone Numbers changed

The telephone numbers for emergency services will change today. The number of the fire brigades will be 111, medical emergency - 113, gas emergency - 114, patrol police - 122, security police - 125. The number 112 will be a universal emergency number for all emergencies. The previous numbers will remain valid until the end of November. (Rustavi 2)

The US does not recognize South Ossetian elections

The US Government does not recognize the legitimacy of the recently held presidential elections in Georgia`s breakaway South Ossetia. Deputy Spokesperson Mark. C. Toner made a statement at a briefing on Monday.

“We do want to note and comment on the November 13th South Ossetian de facto presidential elections and referendum. The United States does not recognize the legitimacy or the outcome of these so-called presidential elections and referendum that were held in Georgia’s South Ossetia region on November 13th. We reiterate our strong support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and we, again, urge Russia to fulfill all of its obligations under the 2008 ceasefire agreement, including withdrawal of forces to pre-conflict positions and free access to humanitarian assistance to the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia,” Toner said. (Rustavi 2)

Briefing at President`s Administration

The President`s Press Speaker Manana Manjgaladze commented on the importance of the new pension package included in the draft state budget 2012, which includes pension increases to140 GEL for the elderly, including 15 GEL for medical insurance, 80% of which will be sponsored by the state budget. The new insurance project also includes insurance for children under the age of 5. “This is a very important decision for the most vulnerable layer of our society - pensioners. In the new draft law, particular importance is paid to medical insurance, necessary for about half a million people, which I think is a very serious breakthrough for Georgia’s health care system. The children`s insurance program is also very important as it affects over 250,000 children up to the age of five,” Manjgaladze said. The draft project has been sent to Parliament for discussion and adoption along with the 2012 draft state budget. (Rustavi 2)

Eurosat founder apologizes to Georgia

The Eurosat founder, businessman Eugene Chichvarkin, has apologized to Georgia for opening the Eurosat shop in Tskhinvali, the businessman told Pik TV. "I want to apologize to the Georgian people for opening a store in Tskhinvali region. I made this decision for the benefit of my business but against my better judgment,” Chichvarkin said in an interview.

On the question whether he wants to get acquainted with Mikheil Saakashvili, Chichvarkin replied by saying: “I think Saakashvili is an interesting person, who was made to look like a crazy man by the Russian media.”

‘The Russian media often show how Saakashvili was chewing his necktie, but they never report that taxes have decreased in Georgia. The Russian media does not want to report that people in Georgia live three times better than 8 years ago; that there is no corruption in the country; or that the income of the population has increased… I want Russia also to become such a country,” Chichvarkin said. (Interpressnews)

Egyptian journalists familiarized with education reforms

A group of Egyptian journalists continued their visit to Georgia. Tuesday they visited No 1 experimental school in Tbilisi, where the Deputy Minister of education introduced reforms carried out in the education sector and novelties in Georgia’s public schools. The visitors were also hosted at the Geocell Class in the No1 experimental school where ultra-modern computerized class work is carried out. The guests also attended a lesson conducted with net books, which were presented to all first-grade pupils in Georgia within the Presidential program. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian PM meets German Minister for Economic Cooperation in Berlin

Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri Gilauri arrived in Germany on November 13 and met with the Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. Georgia-Germany economic cooperation was discussed. "Germany is one of Georgia’s most important political and economic partners, and one of the most important players in the European Union and NATO. Our partnership should be expanded.” Gilauri also attended a Georgian wine presentation in Berlin and met with German businessmen.

He gave a speech at the Corber Foundation and talked about Georgian reforms, security issues and the business environment. During the visit Nika Gilauri will hold several other meetings and will deliver a speech at the Council on Foreign Affairs of Germany. (Interpressnews)