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Wednesday, November 16
Foreign Students will study at Tbilisi State Medical University

As part of a new exchange program, around 160 new students from India will study at Tbilisi State Medical University. Deputy Minister, Nodar Surguladze, welcomed the students at the Tbilisi International Airport, 24 Hours reports. A number of exchange programs are being implemented which permit Georgian students to go abroad, while many foreign students opt to come study at higher educational institutions in Georgia. This year there were 700 foreign students from 27 different countries enrolled at Tbilisi State Medical University. Soon approximately 100 more students will arrive from Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran and Turkey to study at Tbilisi State Medical University. Various celebratory events are planned to welcome foreign students at TSU.

Another pardon for prisoners planned for Giorgoba

Some prisoners will celebrate St George’s Day at home, as the State Pardon Commission will consider over 300 cases for pardon. The session of the commission will be held on November 18 to decide on mainly cases of minors and female prisoners, 24 Hours writes. The chairperson of the Commission says they will approve pardons for prisoners serving light sentences and for less grave crimes.

Public Defender Giorgi Tugushi said, “We are waiting for documents now, then I will introduce each of the cases and comment--then will announce how many prisoners will be released for Giorgoba.”