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Have you ever had a contact with building companies in Georgia? Are you satisfied with their service?

Wednesday, November 16
“Fortunately I didn’t have any contact with building companies in recent years and lucky I am.”
Nanuka, Interpreter, 24

“Thank God I overcame this obstacle and don’t face any complications nowadays, because I was really very eager to buy a flat from one of the new building companies which collapsed and left hundreds of people homeless. It’s such an unfortunate issue – I wonder what those companies think? How do they try to calm their victims?”
Lili, Doctor, 36

“Well. I have never had touch with developers, however my relatives did. There are some among them who are happy with their services, however, those who got their flats till 2008. After the war, however, the situation got worse and some of my familiars are still waiting for their flats,”
Tamta, Teacher , 24

“I have never had any contact with building companies , thus I can’t make any statement concerning them.”
Ruta, Language Specialist, 23

“If I decide to buy flat I would not contact them as I hear a lot of complaints regarding them lately. “
Gvantsa, Dancer , 27

“I think I was among the happiest clients of these private construction companies because I have received my flat in time. But that’s probably because this process had just started and the companies had no financial problems and loyally followed their obligations.”
Ia, Painter, 27