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Thursday, November 24, 2011, #223 (2491)

"Impossible is Nothing": Saakashvili Opens New House of Government in Kutaisi

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili was typically loquacious at a first government session at the newly opened House of Government in Kutaisi (more)

Assessing the Rose Revolution Eight Years On

Eight years have passed since the Rose Revolution. Assessments regarding this date differ. There are those who think that during these eight years Georgia (more)

Party Funding and Electoral Campaign Financing Amendments Tabled


Supporting Professional and Ethical Reporting on Children Media Monitoring


The News in Brief

"President pardons 137 prisoners" (more)


Medvedev Stokes Olympic Inferno over August War

The issue of the 08/08/08 Russian invasion of Georgia will not die down in Georgia. To a great extent this is due to information coming from outside of (more)

Press Scanner

"Georgian Dream Event Still Searches for Venue" (more)

How would you assess the past 8 years in Georgia? What has been done and what do you think should have been done in Georgia since the Rose Revolution?
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