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Monday, December 12
Catholicos-Patriarch talks about importance of praying and labour

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II talked about importance of praying and labour in his Sunday sermon at the Trinity Cathedral.

‘We should think about how we are changing. We should think about what to do in order to change positively. Praying and labour is necessary for a person’, the patriarch said.

According to him, the Georgian people do not work today as hard as our ancestors did. ‘People earlier used to work day and night, but nobody does so today’, he said.

‘People today say they don’t have skills and that’s why they don’t till the land, while earlier people did it just with a mattock and spade. Technique is good but it does not mean we should sit idle if we don’t have it’, the patriarch said.

Foreign Minister met with Italian counterpart in Brussels

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia met with his Italian counterpart within the NATO Ministerial in Brussels on Thursday. Grigol Vashadze and Giulio Terzi discussed bilateral cooperation issues, the situation in the region, and the recent political developments in Russia. Georgia-EU relations were also one of the topical issues discussed by the ministers.

The sides discussed a wide range of bilateral cooperation issues, including intensification of trade-economic relations, Georgia-NATO cooperation and the ISAF mission.

`We agreed that current political relations should grow into intensive trade-economic relations. Of course we discussed Georgia-NATO cooperation and the work that should be done by Georgia and the partner countries for our presence at the NATO Chicago summit,` Vashadze said.
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Journalist detained on charges of breaching public order

Tbilisi-based journalist Lali Moroshkina has been sentenced to 15-days of custody. The verdict was brought by Tbilisi City Court Sunday. Moroshkina has been detained on charges of breaching public order and security of citizens and offence.

As reported, Moroshkina, discontented with the results of Prime Time`s (Tbilisi-based tabloid) nominations, attacked the paper`s editor Tamar Pkhakadze in the studio of Nanuka`s Show on the Imedi TV-channel.

When commenting on the incident Tamar Pkhakadze said at the briefing today that she could survive only because the fork, Moroshkina used when attacking her, was blunt. The editor also claimed Moroshkina was quite drunk.

The chief editor of Prime Time considers Lali Moroshkina a dangerous person for society and urges psychological examination for her.

Moroshkina talked about the scandal on Kavkasia TV channel soon after the incident. She addressed law enforcers and said the conflict occurred during the making of the New Year show at Imedi TV. She said the nomination that Prime Time gave her was offensive and she could not bear it.
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Georgian President opens two medical centers

A new medical center opened in the town of Khashuri in Shida Kartli Region on Friday. The 31-bed hospital is intended for 62,500 patients and is staffed with high-qualified medical personnel.

About 200 people have been employed in the new ultra-contemporary facilities.

IC Group Insurance Company carried out rehabilitation of the clinic.

The Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili opened the clinic and walked around talking to medical staff. Later, he met the local population of the town as well.

Prior to that, Saakashvili opened another medical center in the town of Kaspi in the same region. Alpha Insurance Company made a several-million dollar investment for the rehabilitation of the center.

The 20-bed hospital is equipped with contemporary technology.

There is a lab in the clinic, a maternity room and an infectious disaster rooms.

The president met locals in Kaspi as well and listened to their problems.
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Four people poisoned by carbon monoxide in Tbilisi

Four people were poisoned with carbon monoxide that was collected in one of the apartments from a faulty gas heater. The poisoned members of the family have been transferred to hospital and provided with the necessary treatment; doctors say their health is stable now. One of the patients is a child, who was transferred to Iashvili Children`s Hospital.

The municipal government calls on the residents of the capital to check their gas appliances using a free service provided by the Tbilisi government to be sure that the appliances work properly.
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