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Monday, December 12
What expectations are there about the Georgian Dream?

On December 11, the Georgian Dream, was established officially and as a public movement its major goal is to support justice, hope and belief in the country in order to make serious changes in Georgia.

Rezonansi asked some public figures what their expectations are towards the Georgian Dream and how they think the movement will act.

Poet Lia Sturua: “I welcome the foundation of the Georgian Dream with pleasure and respect. What it can do is to change everyday life of people for the better, develop the agriculture sector. There are no cultural places left in Tbilisi which are not renovated by Ivanishvili’s financing including theatres and the Opera House. When a person does things like that, you should definitely trust him.”

“Public movements or organizations should work on those acute issues that are most problematic for people in general. But I think it is better to expect less and then things happen more than you expect. I do not expect anything greatly because whenever I had such feelings I was frustrated. I welcome everything which will be done for the better,” musician Nato Gelashvili says.

Vocational Educational Colleges were awarded Gold Medals

Deputy Education Minister Irine Kurdadze awarded five vocational colleges gold medals and granted 20 teachers of the vocational colleges with cash prizes and certificates. These teachers have passed trainings in professional skills and inclusive education. In total, 103 successful teachers were awarded, 24 Hours reports.

The awarding ceremony took place in the Teacher’s House. These institutions were selected on the basis of the following criteria: the number of trained teachers, quality of learning and number of employed students. Out of these colleges, three of them (Aisi, Akhlai Talga and Iberia) went through the authorization process and acquired the status of community colleges.

From 2010, the ministry has been taking various measures to upgrade the qualification of the teachers of vocational educational institutions; a working group has been set up to develop teacher professional standards and trainings and seminars have been organized for teachers. Additionally, the National Center for Teacher Professional Development will organize training for teachers in respective subjects and professional skills throughout 2012.