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What expectations do you have from the Georgian Dream?

Monday, December 12
“The Georgian Dream is not a political party and accordingly I do not expect from it to make political decisions. It has just been established and I will see what they will do and what kind of goals they have and then I may have some expectations from it.”
Meri, housewife, 54

“I think that Bidzina Ivanishvili will manage to carry out serious reforms in all state structures so I have serious expectations.”
Nana, Student, 20

“I expect only good. I expect it to make adequate reactions to the government's senseless activities. I expect it to make a contribution in education and the agriculture sector. We have so many problems in Georgia, so many injustice and unfairness that we do hope that Ivanishvili will save us. This man has done so many kind things for Georgia and the people here that I trust him more than any politician.”
Tina, librarian, 49

“I am waiting for a better situation in terms of defending Georgian citizens’ rights, and achieving a fair situation in the country and for reintegrating lost territories.”
Gela, Journalist, 37

“As my favorite athlete Kakha Kaladze says it is time for change, it is time to stand together and the Georgian Dream will come true.”
Sandro, sportsman, 24

“I really do not know what kind of organization or movement it is and who are its members. I really do not care what is going on in politics, it is not my job.”
Beka, student, 19

“I do not know very much about this organization, I was watching the TV news but they covered this topic very briefly. What I know is that Ivanishvili has good circumstances and a lot of respected and educated people are standing next to him. This means very much for ordinary people, I trust them and will wait what this Georgian Dream does.”
Tamuna, housewife, 28

“I have huge expectations from Ivanishvili personally. He is great man and I am sure he will become our next president and establish peace and stability in our country. He has a wonderful family. I was at the presentation and it was very emotional to see so many popular faces there. If they trust him and if they look at him with hope I will do the same.”
Mariam, student, 20