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Tuesday, December 13
Tom Cruise visited Georgian Military Servicemen

Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise visited Georgian military servicemen at a military hospital in Germany. Currently, five Georgian soldiers are being treated in the hospital. Georgian military servicemen are serving in the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) mission under the American Contingent in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

During visit to the military hospital, Cruise took a photo with a private of the 33rd Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Brigade Akhmed Saparov. The battalion in which private Saparov serves has already left Afghanistan and was replaced by the 31st Battalion. Private Saparov will return to Georgia after the first stage of his treatment.

Statement of Georgian MFA regarding extraction of inert materials in Abkhazia

Alexander Ankvab, leader of the occupied region of Georgia, Abkhazia, made a statement regarding the export of inert materials, extracted from the river deltas of Abkhazia for the construction of infrastructure for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

According to the representative of the occupation regime, they intend to export up to 1-2 million cubic meters of inert materials to Russia.

This statement is a confirmation that extraction and export of inert materials from Abkhazia for Olympic infrastructure still continues in violation of the fundamental principles and norms of international law as well as Georgian legislation.

The Georgian side has addressed the entire international community on this subject numerous times.

If this process continues, eventually, the unique and fragile natural environment adjacent to the Russia-Georgia border, will be irreparably damaged which equals an ecological catastrophe for the whole Black Sea region.

Georgia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again addressed the international community and international organizations including those working on environmental issues, to take all the necessary measures in order to stop the illegal activities of the Russian Federation and the Abkhazian regime.

Georgia to Raise Issue at Geneva Talks about Russia’s Commitment not to Use Force

The 18th round of Geneva Talks will be held on 14 December. As Georgia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Kalandadze said, the delegation led by Sergei Kapanadze has already departed for Geneva.

As Kalandadze explained, two working groups will meet in the framework of the negotiations. Georgia will raise the issue during the first working group about the commitments of Russia not to use force and on working out international security mechanisms on the occupied territories of Georgia.

Violation of human rights, safe travel and kidnapped and illegally detained people will be discussed. As Kalandadze said, the issue of safe return of refugees will also be discussed.

Saakashvili opens new medical center in Zestaphoni

President Saakashvili opened a new medical center Sunday constructed by IRAO Insurance Company in the town of Zestaphoni in western Georgia, within the Hospital Sector Development Project.

The new 35-bed center has been equipped with ultra contemporary medical equipments and any citizen is able to use ambulatory as well as hospital procedures.

Prior to the opening of the hospital, Saakashvili met people assembled outside the medical center.

The president also visited the Suknidze family in the village of Dilikauri in Zestaphoni and delivered an agriculture voucher to the family members.

The new agriculture program is to be brought into force from December 20, 2011.
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Woman kills husband with kitchen knife

A 22 year-old woman killed her 36-year-old husband in the village of Dirbi of Kareli district in eastern Georgia. As reported, Nino Khabeishvili inflicted a fatal wound with a kitchen knife on Mamuka Tsertsvadze, when he was asleep.

Later, the young woman told the neighbors that her husband committed suicide. Law enforcers arriving at the crime scene said the woman was considered as the first suspect of the murder.

Nino Khabeishvili pleaded guilty during interrogation.

The police are investigating the murder. The reasons for it are uncertain, although friends of the family said the man had two daughters from a first marriage who often used to visit their father and that always caused conflicts between the husband and wife.
(Rustavi 2)