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Tuesday, December 13
Shevardnadze Backs Ivanishvili in Interview

In his interview to the magazine Reitingi the ex president of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze commented on Bidzina Ivanishvili and his attitude towards Russia. Many in Georgian society believe that Ivanishvili is the only person who can regulate relations with Russia. Shevardnadze agrees with this opinion and says that Ivanishvili can manage problems inside and outside the country. “I met Ivanishvili for the first time when Sameba Cathedral construction was to start. We began constructing the cathedral but there was not enough money. Some suggested to me to contact Ivanishvili asking for help added that he will not refuse to help in this job, and I did so. You know what surprised me? He did not even ask how much money was needed and he made a very good impression on me. Definitely our society made a considerable contribution in finishing this work, however the major contributor was Ivanishvili,” Shevardnadze said. Shevardnadze says that Ivanishvili has normal and good relations with Russian politicians and businessmen; he is consistent and never makes decisions suddenly.

On the question of whether the United National Movement will gain a majority in the next parliament Shevardnadze answered that forecasting this today is not an easy job, although the government should change in a fair and democratic way. “If we trust several polls, Saakashvili and his team have a high rating and that is why people should be active as pressure and provocations will increase. There is no precedent in the world that shows that concerts and PR can construct a country. We will be an attractive country for tourists when we have a strong economy and perfect infrastructure. Ivanishvili has been helping the country for years and he knows in what areas Georgia needs assistance,” Shevardnadze added.

Palitra Media Gives Shalva Natelashvili a Week to Apologize

A letter published in the newspaper Kviris Palitra reads that on 9 December, Labour Party leader Shalva Natelashvili attempted to damage the image and reputation of the company “PalitraMedia” on the Maestro TV program “Direct Talk”. “It is obvious that the attempt didn’t succeed, but the reputation is an issue of dignity not only for us but for our many readers. That’s why we cannot ignore the accusations, whether the author of the accusation is clever or a dupe...Furthermore, we’ll oppose the irresponsible tendency in Georgia, when a politician who is in a deadlock, prefers fantasy over the truth in his accusations. As Natelashvili says, the most evil powers of mankind fight against the rating of the Georgian Laborites and the governmental and non-governmental media are united against them. According to Natelashvili, Bidzina Ivanishvili has a particular role in this as he purchased the entire holding of “PalitraMedia” in the last several years, the letter quotes the Laborite as saying. Kviris Palitra declares that society is tired of such politicking. “It is probably comfortable to say it’s black when it’s white whenever you want, or vice versa. But I think the society is tired of politicking methods. It’s interesting that the aforementioned TV prank is logically in line with the campaign against “PalitraMedia” (ungrounded tax audits, the fight against press distribution and fight against the monopoly of “Palitra” etc.)”, the letter reads. Kviris Palitra advises Natelashvili to prove his accusations against “PalitraMedia” with documents or publicly deny the information; otherwise the company will take him to court. “We think, this main Laborite is a grownup who needs to learn to be responsible for his words”, the letter of Kviris Palitra reads.