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Do you justify Kakha Kaladze’s decision to leave the national football team?

Tuesday, December 13
“I think being the captain of the national team is really a great responsibility and honor but in a country like Georgia Kaladze’s hard decision to leave his position shows his wish to change the political situation in the country.”
Anna, Reporter, 27

“I strongly suggest drawing a line between professionalism and politics in our lives, that’s why I think Kaladze should have stayed in the national team– this team doesn’t belong to the government, it’s our national pride and in need of encouragement!”
Ilia, Writer, 24

"If he guessed that he could not play football any more and left the national team for this reason, I welcome it but in some other cases I don’t think it is right.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“No this is stupidity. He is a soccer player not a politician. Politics needs experience and knowledge, but all the qualities he has are in football instead. Let him do his job.”
Sopho, Journalist, 23

“I think that his decision was right after what has happened with his business I understand him if he manages and achieves more in some other business, why not?“
Rita, Language specialist, 23

“To say I can justify it would be a bit awkward. Due to his age and some other factors, I think that he would have had to leave the team soon anyway, thus I think that he was right when he made this decision.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“Well, I do not know the concrete reason why he behaved like this. However, based on my principles it was not a very correct decision. If you are angry at some concrete political groups this shouldn't be directed against the whole country.”
Lasha, Musician, 29