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Generally, where do you spend your winter holidays and which Georgian winter resort would you prefer to go to?

Tuesday, December 20
“I usually spend my winter holidays in Bakuriani or Gudauri with my husband. It’s the only time when we can feel free of all our problems and enjoy our free time together.”
Nino, Psychologist, 24

“My favorite winter destination is my village house in Mestia where I have a lot of relatives. I was born in Mestia and it is always a great pleasure for me to return to the places where I spent my childhood.”
Davit, Architect, 31

“I have such a stressful job that I can hardly get out of my office during the year. That’s why it doesn’t make any particular sense for me where I go in winter – I only have a couple of free days thus I would go anywhere my friends offer to me.”
Elene, Accountant, 29

“I do not have enough income to spend my holidays on resorts, I would like to spend it in Switzerland, for example, and also in Egypt with great pleasure.”
Anri, Journalist, 24

I stay in Tbilisi or go to Batumi. This year I'm going to stay home. I have 10 days off and for a couple of days I may go to the mountains, but I don't have any certain plans yet. I think if my friends and I decide to go somewhere it will be Bakuriani.
Sopio, language specialist, 23

"Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to go anywhere, but if I have chance, I’ll go to Gudauri.”
Mako, Teacher, 23
“Gudauri or Bakuariani are the loveliest paces for me in Georgia to spend my winter holidays.”
Meggie, Oxford School of English, 24

“As a rule my winter holidays are spent in Borjomi, in my village, where every single spot is covered with snow. There we also have big snow festivals during which we skate and have an amazing time.”
Keti, MA Student, 23