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What do you think is the riskiest profession?

Friday, December 23
“I think being a journalist is among the most dangerous professions in the world. While Georgian reporters are usually arrested for spreading free opinions about ongoing issues, the number of deaths of international journalists has been increasing from year to year.”
Irakli, Reporter, 32

“I didn’t think that being a doctor could have ever been dangerous in any country but the example of Georgia has changed my mind. Doctors have been accused of criminality so many times by officials that I can’t work out who is telling the lies.”
Marina, Housewife, 49

“Politics is the most dangerous profession as it requires great risk in preserving your rating among the public. Every profession has its limits, but politicians stand above all regulations, unfortunately.”
Giorgi, MA Student, 24

“I think that the riskiest professions are to be a policemen or a soldier.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“I think it is journalism, I decided to get a Masters degree in this area and it’s my personal view that journalists are in a dangerous position.”
Maiko, Journalist, 23

“To be a fireman or a pilot are the riskiest professions to my mind.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 25

“There are several risky professions: soldier, miner, alpinist, war correspondent, policeman, life guard, and those who have to work in radiation environments.”
Anna, Journalist, 35