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GDP in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, January 4
According to official data Georgia’s GDP in 2011 reached USD 14 billion and GDP per capita reached USD 3,150. As PM Nika Gilauri stated, these figures are 3.3% more than in 2003 when the ‘Rose Administration’ came to power. It is said that the Government is planning to reach per capita GDP of up to USD 3,500 in 2012. The priorities for 2012 in terms of budgetary financing will be social issues and the healthcare system. Up to 30% of budget revenue is to be spent on these directions.

The pension for over 67 year old retirees is set to reach GEL 140. It should be mentioned however that the subsistence minimum in the country is GEL 150. Budget expenditures will also be allocated to infrastructure and agricultural directions.