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Wednesday, January 4
Nani Bregvadze turned down offers to perform in New Year concerts

Well-known Georgian singer Nani Bregvadze turned down the chance to participate in concerts dedicated to celebrating New Year, Kviris Palitra reports.

“Yes it was my decision. I had several offers to take part in New Year events however I had a reason for declining,” Bregvadze said, but she has yet to mention a concrete reason.

Reportedly Bregvadze’s refusal is connected to Georgian tycoon Ivanishvili. Although Bregvadze has not named this as her reason, while commenting on Ivanishvili separately she has said: “I do not have a right to say bad things about Ivanishvili. I remember when I was living in Moscow a star was being unveiled in my name and I met Ivanishvili there before the ceremony. After that meeting I heard that he had allotted financial aid for me. And I am not the only person to have been given funds by him. He has never demanded anything from us. He has helped people and this is very kind of him. No one will change my opinion about Ivanishvili,” Bregvadze said.

Bregvadze does not agree with some of the statements made by the Government that people should refuse to accept any financial aid from Ivanishvili from now on because he is in politics. “No one has any right to tell us how we should act. We are not children, to obey their every whim,” she said.

When will the winter tourist season begin?

Rezonansi writes that the winter tourist season may be a failure this year due to a lack of snow in Georgia’s winter resorts. According to weather forecasts snow is not expected until the middle of January, so the winter tourist season has yet to officially open.

The winter tourist resort season should have started on December 25, but as there was no snow its opening has been delayed. A concrete date for when the season will start is not yet known.

“We hope that it will snow in January and that more tourists will visit Georgia as a result,” said Beka Jakeli, Deputy Chairman of the Georgian National Tourism Agency.