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How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Wednesday, January 4
“I attended the concert in Tbilisi and then I and my friends went to the restaurant to celebrate 2012 together. It was really very memorable day for me.”
Maiko, hairdresser, 28

“As my parents are abroad and work there, I celebrated it with my relatives. My wish is to celebrate next New Year with my family in Tbilisi.
Kakha, student, 20

“Well, it was not the best New Year’s eve as my son had a car accident and we have spent all night at the hospital. Fortunately everything is all right now, but I did not expect to meet New year at hospital. No one knows what will happen, actually.”
Marina, housewife, 56

“I celebrated New Year with my family. I like this day because whole family is together and it is very joyful. I love New Year and I want this year to be successful for everyone.”
Tamta, translator, 26

“I meet New Year at home with my parents and a sister in a very modest way. A bottle of wine with some sweets wishing each other a happy new year made our new year night special.”
Elene, Writer, 22

“It may seem funny but I slept all the New Year night and went out with my friends only on January 1st.”
Akaki, Economist, 34

“My sister went to Norway for her 3-year PhD and we felt quite sad for the New Year.”
Nodar, Musician, 24