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Are you interested in financial sources of the Georgian political parties?

Wednesday, January 11
“Actually it is quite important information especially before the upcoming elections in our country but I dislike the method which unveils their financial situation in recent times. Accusing one another of misusing or misspending the money should not become the subject of public irritation but it should be regulated by the proper state or non-governmental organizations working in that particular direction.”
Levan, Economist, 27

“As a citizen of this country I definitely want to know the financial situation of political parties. Thus I think they should release such information in each three or four months and make people aware of their activities.”
Nino, Musician, 32

“Financial sources play important role for each and every party as they enable the officials to carry out the projects they promise to people. We should know where they get their money from and in what do they plan to spend or invest it. Unfortunately everyone forgets about us – ordinary people while it’s us – the potential voters who give our voices to them.”
Eldar, pensioner, 69

“Yes, I’m interested, but I don't trust the official information.”
Temur, Reporter, 28

“To tell the truth I do not care how they get finances. All money comes from people, from ordinary citizens. This is very true.”
Marina, housewife, 56

“Of course this is very interesting and each political party must be obliged to release all their donors or supporters who transfer them money. Money determines political way, I mean when a financer is known for each political party then I know what he will do in politics. If money comes from Russia, I know that this party is pro Russian. when people will be aware of this information then it will be easier to make a choice in elections.”
Tamar, student, 21

“Why not? It must be public.”
Lile, Journalist, 22