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Do you support the government, the opposition, or are you neutral?

Friday, January 27
I prefer not to be either in position, nor in opposition - it is better to be in some other field. I have a saying like this: In Georgia, it's not good to be in Position, or Opposition, so I decided to found the Go to Georgian Hell Movement!"
Revaz, bank employee, 21

I am neutral towards politics.
Mamuka, BP employee, 31

I am trying [to make] my political views healthy. Opposition forces made me hate the word opposition, however, if there are only these three formulations, my response would be opposition.
Dimitri, theologian, 36

This topic is a bit closed for people in Georgia perhaps because everyone fears to reveal his or her real attitude towards politics. But Im neither governmental nor oppositional and thats a good explanation of this state neutrality.
Anna, PR manager, 27

Im pro-government actually because I think a lot of things have changed in the country since the Rose Revolution in 2003, while the opposition has made so many mistakes that they can hardly be compared with the governmental failures.
Irakli, writer, 34

Absolutely neutral.
Ketevan, language specialist, 24

I cant say Im opposition because I still need to be 'attracted' to their wise policy, but Im definitely not pro-government.
Elene, interpreter, 25