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Do you believe a good public relations stunt can affect a person’s political choice?

Tuesday, March 6
“I think PR is a very powerful tool for ensuring success in almost every field, especially politics. A successful politician should either have good PR agents or be clever himself, which is quite rare in modern society. So I deeply believe that if a person has managed to make a fool of people through PR, that would definitely influence votes.”
Miranda, Manager, 27

“Actually, I think modern people are wise enough to discern PR from reality. As a citizen of Georgia, I personally know who is doing what in my country thus I could make a decision of my country’s future fate independently without anyone’s influence.”
Bacho, Architect, 36

“Of course, it is a very well-studied issue and it is proven that a good and well-planned pre-election campaign positively affects voters. So, even if a person does not like, for example, Saakashvili, he has excellent PR managers and he attracts people during his visits, speeches, moves, etc. So I believe it is a true fact.”
Giorgi, Student, 22

“If I do not like any political party or its leaders whatever he/she might say I will not believe. Accordingly, I do not believe that any PR can attract a person who knows for whom [they wish] to vote.”
Tamar, Secretary, 37

“From my personal experience, I can admit that I have changed my mind during the pre-election campaign of one political party and leader. PR influenced me and I realized it later.”
Guram, Engineer, 41

“Yes, yes, and one more time yes.”
Revaz, Student, 21

“I think that a good PR stunt can seriously influence society’s attitudes.”
Maia, Nurse/laboratory assistant, 45

“I think that PR, in political issues, is the main determiner.”
Khatuna, Journalist, 25

“Of course, it can have a serious effect, if there are no serious problems... Otherwise, if issues are orderly, one can even be turned into a hero.”
Nana, Employed, 44