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Tuesday, March 13
Snow cover in Adjara reaches three metres

Mayor of Khulo, Temur Bolkvadze, told InterPressNews that snow cover in mountainous Adjarian villages reached has reached three metres, with one metre covering low-lying villages.

He says that snow, frost, and wind hinder attempts to clear the roads. Traffic movement in low zone villages is allowed only with anti-skid chains.

The snow cover in low-lying villages of Kedi is 40-50 centimetres, 80-100 centimetres in mid-range villages, and 150-170 centimetres in the highest villages. It is no longer snowing in the area, and roads should be clean by Monday.

Snow cover in mountainous Shuakhevi reached 250 centimetres. Snowfall in Paposhvilebi triggered an avalanche, which destroyed the village's cemetery.

Investigation on Makhniashvili`s death case continues

The family of Mariam Makhniashvili, 17, whose remains were found by police in Toronto, Canada after a nearly three-year search, can not confirm if the body of the girl will be transferred to Georgia. Internment arrangements will be clarified once the investigation is complete.

The Makhniashvili family has already ruled out suicide as the cause of death.

Toronto police confirmed Friday that human remains found in a wooded ravine off a busy highway are those of Makhniashvili, who disappeared in 2009. Police say the cause of death was consistent with a fall from a significant height. The remains were noticed by a passer-by last week.
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Mother of murdered child demands further investigation

The mother of Aleksi Meskhishvili, 11, who was killed in a fight in Greece six years ago, objects to the Greek police's decision to close his murder case. She says that the body of her son was not found and therefore the investigation must continue.

Police identified the teenagers who killed the boy soon after the murder, but made no arrests as the accused were minors at the time. The boy's family says the killers were not adequately punished.

The Georgian embassy was involved with the investigation, but representatives say no one has shown interest in the case in the past few years.
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NDP calls for pension reform

The National Democratic Party has called on the government to revise their pension reform plan.

Party representative Guram Chakhvadze criticized the pension reform proposed by the government, saying that several significant factors are missing.

Party leaders believe that pension funds should be periodically adjusted according to the living wage and the country's economic indexes, and that a system of savings should be added to the process - part of the existing income tax should be transferred to a citizen's own pension fund.
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New Rights Party prepared for election

The New Rights Party says they are prepared for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Leaders assembled at a special session of the party council to sum up election campaign training completed by members.

The New Rights Party has approximately 3,500 members, who will be dispersed to all polling stations across the country.

At today's session, party leaders also announced the beginning of a new phase in their strategic plan, in which representatives will tour villages to survey needs and opinions.
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Organized crime gang arrested for robberies

Officers of the Kakheti police division, in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, have arrested an organized crime outfit on charges of armed robbery.

Ivane Janiashvili, Shakro Khimshiashvili, Giorgi Basilashvili, Avtandil Bedenashvili, Giorgi Shakiashvili, Platon Kurdadze, Levan Kalatozishvili, Beka Tsertsvadze, and Malkhaz Mamaiashvili have been detained as a result of a special joint operation in Tbilisi and Kakheti.

The group is accused of assaulting and robbing families binding their hands and legs, and physically abusing them before taking money and jewelry. Police say they have committed five armed robberies in Tbilisi and the villages of Kakheti.

The suspects have pleaded guilty, with video testimonies released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
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