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Sagarejo land sold to build hazelnut and corn farms

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 25
According to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, more than 52 million square metres of land in Sagarejo, near the villages of Lambalo, Tular, Tuzagram, Iormughanlo, Kandaura, Giorgitsminda, and Shibliani, were sold for approximately 5 million GEL to TR Georgia Project 2.

TR Georgia Project 2 was founded by Daib Rashidmanes, a British-Iranian businessman. Rezonansi reports that a person with the same name owned a company in the United States, which was closed down for failure to pay taxes.

On March 21, citizens of Iormughanlo protested the deal, saying that the lands were used by village inhabitants to graze their cattle and grow wheat.

New owner is committed to using that land for hazelnut plantations, to grow corn and to build hot houses. It is estimated that these businesses will employ 7000 people.