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Tuesday, March 27
MP Maisuradze opposes identification of suspects by media

Alia reports that Rati Maisuradze, a new member of the parliamentary opposition faction In a Strong Georgia, has requested that the publication of photo and video images of criminal suspects by the media be prohibited, especially if they allow identification of the accused.

Maisuradze believes that such actions by the media violate the presumption of innocence. He has requested that amendments be made to the Code of Administrative Violations, to regulate the display of such images.

The newspaper spoke to President of the Association of Lawyers Zaza Khatiashvili. According to Khatiashvili, television broadcasters often violate the presumption of innocence by showing testimonies made by suspects and announcing a possible sentence.

“It is prohibited to show a photo of a person and announce that he has committed a crime until the final verdict is made. Anchors of all four broadcasters (Rustavi 2, Imedi TV, First Channel, Real TV) speak like prosecutors, which is completely inadmissible,” Khatiashvili stressed.

He believes Maisuradze’s initiative is a good one, although doubts any such measure will be approved in Parliament.

Mamuka Kakhishvili's father accused of theft

The father of Mamuka Kakhishvili, the boy killed by Russian law enforcement in Samara, has been accused of theft by the local police, Palitra reports.

Leri Kakhishvili is accused of stealing 600 RUB (approximately 33 GEL) worth of beer. Law enforcement searched his home on Monday, although Kakhishvili himself was not detained.

The family denies the accusations and considers this an attempt to intimidate them. Kakhishvili says that police are trying to hinder the investigation of his son’s murder.

Mamuka Kakhishvili was beaten to death by police officers several months ago, with accusations being made that he was targeted because he was Georgian. An autopsy was recently conducted at the request of the family. It confirmed that the 19-year-old was tortured and brutally beaten. His family has demanded punishment for the officers involved.