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Would you like to study at a vocational education centre, and in what subject?

Tuesday, March 27
“I have heard that those courses are very effective and give young people an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in other directions, apart from their profession. I am working now but if I see I need to change my profession I will attend those courses with pleasure.”
Giga, Bank Employee, 26

“In my opinion, those centres are successful as many people [are given] an opportunity to learn something new and then find a job. For example, I would be happy if I attended a course where the students learn knitting and working with felt. It is very popular job in Tbilisi and as far as I know many people like to buy handmade accessories made locally.”
Ia, Student, 19

“I do not know yet but I do not exclude [the possibility of] becoming a student at a vocational education centre. However, I still think that a university degree is more useful and important than those [from a centre].”
Keti, Waitress, 30

“With great pleasure, however, currently I have no time for this. If I had, I would try the tourism sector.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I think that higher education is more appreciated in the government and attitudes towards those with higher education is different. For this reason I would prefer studying at a university.”
Nana, Student, 20

“To tell you the truth, I have no real wish to continue studying at a vocational centre. Currently, I am studying for a Master's degree and my next step will probably be a doctorate.”
Revaz, MA Student, 21

"Yes I would like to, if there is such an opportunity for free, why not?"
Kakha, Engineer, 40